Want to shape the future of  Gillespie? Then let your voice be heard. People who are active in community development can have a big impact on the conversations that inform that space. The takeaway is that if you have something worth contributing, take ownership of it and the whole community will benefit.

We welcome people who voice their opinions, share their expertise and have a helpful attitude. All of you help build and maintain our thriving community.

360  Support
For Artisans

Any interest in launching, developing and growing an artisan retail business in Gillespie's Streetscape experience located downtown?

SyncSeed is designed to help you grow your business and succeed by providing free or low-cost workspace, mentorship, brand development, social media and basic core business expertise, access to investors, and so much more,


A New Retail


A pop up shop offers many advantages, both for artisan retail businesses and for Gillespie's revitalization towards sustainable growth. The shop gives artisans an opportunity to test their business concept and products to see if they are viable without putting their life savings at risk.

The Giving Garden

At the Giving Garden, we can learn sustainable and organic gardening practices as well as laugh, and enjoy the fresh air. We hope the garden will be a place for building relationships while caring for the earth, growing good food, and sharing its nourishing harvest.

How can you help? We need volunteers to water the plants, pull weeds...

Est. in 2018, Grow Gillespie is a community-based group working together,
with businesses & individuals, to create an inviting downtown that will foster pride

and assist in developing a flourishing business environment for the future.

If there is a will, there is a thriving town!

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