Board of Directors

Genece Hamby

Brand Officer

Genece focuses on long-term value  derived from investing in the brand


Multi-Tasker Analyst

As an office specialist, Misty creates the necessary procedures needed.

Dane Solari

Giving Gardener

A Minister, Dane knows the deeper value of managing the Giving Garden

Rusty Frederics


Owner of Freddy's Grab-N-Go, Former Alderman & Total Mfg.

Advisory Committee

Layne Knoche

Grow Green Landscaper

Our landscaper, Layne created the vision for Gillespie's Streetscape

Dave Tucker

Our Swiss Army Knife 

Dave is like a swiss army knife and can jump in with sharp precision where needed.

Kevin Cavanaugh-Tucker

Gillespie Beautification

Kevin brings all the warmth and beauty to downtown Gillespie.

Madison Heyen

Youthful Researcher

Researching the attitudes of today's youth in Gillespie as part of her senior project.

Dan Fisher

Chief Inspiration Officer

As Founder of Grow Gillespie, Dan is the inspiration for revitalizing Gillespie

Renee Katich

Finance Guru

With a banking background, Renee keeps our finances in check.

Pat Matevey

Social Media Trailblazer

Pat engages our businesses and community on all things Gillespie.

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