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SyncSeed is an initiative of Grow Gillespie, a nonprofit organization focused on downtown revitalization. The incubator + pop up supports the launch, growth, stabilization and long-term success of artisan enterprises in Macoupin County and the Western Region of Illinois. We measure success by our ability to guide artisans and craftsmen through sound business decisions and our positive influence on economic growth in the region.  We want to ignite a culture of innovation and change, and inspire a new artisan economy for the region..


PHASE I (January, 2021)

SyncSeed Pop Up is a stand alone short-term space located in the heart of Gillespie's downtown district  It is on the first floor in the building next door to the Illinois Coal Museum at 121 Macoupin St.


As a part of the SyncSeed incubator initiative, the intent is to bring shoppers back to downtown by giving artisans and craftsmen an opportunity to test out their business model on a smaller scale. As participants in the program, they receive our 360 degree support based on business education, mentoring and financial sourcing. 

Our ultimate SyncSeed pop up goal is that we build on the excitement and passion for "shop local, buy local and made local" in our community.and beyond.

PHASE II (coming 2022-23)


With extensive years in business, our 360 team has deep insight and leadership experience across various industries. The training and mentoring works with artisans and craftsmen to help accelerate their business results in ways that are sustainable over time. 


The 360 team of mentors can help an artisan/craftsman look at problems and situations from perspectives that they would not have thought of on their own. For example, they may have trouble looking at their handmade goods through the eyes of a retail customer, potential investor or government official. Our mentors, who have dealt with these people often, can help them understand how their business will look to these individuals.

Knowing that you have a credible mentor to turn to can give you confidence when facing difficult business situations. 


PHASE III (coming 2022-23)


SyncSeed incubator is a long-term initiative for Grow Gillespie established to provide local artisans or craftsmen workspace, business training and 360 support as a pathway to joining the growing artisan economy.


The incubator program helps an artisan refine their ideas, work on product viability, define their brand identity and image, network or collaborate with other artisans, and provide our pop up space where they can test concept and products feasibility. 

What’s the better path to success: be part of a group or go at it alone? For many artisans and craftsmen, they found, that being part of an incubator helped them get their businesses off the ground more quickly and smoothly. Ultimately, SyncSeed can be the perfect bridge to make the big step from idea to execution..

Pop Up Space: Before and After (rendering)

SyncSeed Rendering_Exterior_Before.jpg
SyncSeed Rendering_Exterior_After.jpg
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